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Welcome to Core Hospitality
A Danish white-label hotel operator in the Nordics

We do one thing and one thing only: we operate hotels. As a white-label hotel operator, we are independent of brands and flexible to manage hotels within any operating model.

Our employees are our strongest asset. We are a people business and we want you to thrive during your employment with Core Hospitality and its hotels”
– Per Denker Sørensen, CEO of Core Hospitality

About us

Core Hospitality cooperates with various hotel brands, ensuring that we can operate anything from hostels to full-service hotels. This strongly benefits all partners as we can implement and manage the brand that best fits the property and location. As such, we offer a wide array of brands, one of which will likely match your personality and have a fitting role.

Nordic roots. Nordic ambitions.

Core Hospitality is a Copenhagen-based third-party management company. By leveraging our local know-how and organizational expertise, Core is a strong partner for property investors.

Core Hospitality has Nordic roots with a strong network of hotels across the countries that make up the Nordics. Being a Nordic hotel operator, our collective values are ingrained in the way we do business. Nordic values are characterized by its focus on equality, happiness, and sustainability, among others. These do not set us apart but rather set standards for what we and others expect of us.







Core Academy

We want the most talented and the happiest employees. We look for people with a positive attitude and a love for creating great experiences for our guests. We highly value people that contribute to a work life with enthusiasm, mutual respect, understanding and empathy. 

At Core Hospitality, we support the development of your talent and want to be an attractive workplace through a down-to-earth culture and by offering educational courses – both to maintain existing employees and to attract new members to the family.

Core Academy is being developed continuously, so we appreciate any ideas, wishes, and other feedback about the courses and their contents. Through Core Academy, you will be offered courses in topics such as:

  • Creating service experiences
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict management
  • Cultural understanding in practice
  • Management education

Enhance your skills and competences

Share experiences with colleagues

Be inspired by experienced professionals

Grow your skills. 

Your gateway to a career in hospitality. 

Our colleagues are our strongest assets. We choose to support your personal development, enhancing your skills and improving your competences. We do this through Core Academy; an educational program to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.As Core becomes larger, our internal talent pool will be given more opportunities to advance within the organization and to grow personally. To ensure the continued success of the individual and the organization, we invest the necessary resources in all team members.

Launch your career

Core Hospitality is a diverse organization, and we are always looking for both young and experienced talent to join us. We cooperate with many exciting, well-known brands, giving you a strong platform on which you can build your career.

Each brand has its own identity and a unique culture. But they are all connected by Core Hospitality. And no matter which brand attracts you the most, we will always be looking for passionate and service-minded people. Grow with us as our organization becomes the strongest platform for career opportunities in Nordic hospitality.

Join us - we are hiring!


Core Hospitality, Kastruplundgade 15, 2770 Kastrup